Envisors provides comprehensive civil/site engineering services to the public and private sectors from planning through design, permitting, and construction. Our full-service capabilities result in projects that are managed effectively and efficiently.

Our planning process begins with identifying existing conditions and helping our clients set goals, then identifying options for achieving the desired results. By analyzing data and trends, we are able to project the impacts on the desired project goals and develop an approach and time schedule for reaching project goals within the limits of regulatory, economic, and client-introduced parameters.

From development feasibility to permit approvals and construction completion, Envisors has developed significant technical knowledge from an extensive list of residential, commercial, office, recreational, mixed-use, industrial, institutional, and municipal projects. The expertise Envisors offers, including site selection and utilization, feasibility studies, surveying, utilities assessment, site/civil engineering design and permitting, and construction services, complements and supports our other disciplines.

Our multi-disciplined approach allows us to meet the challenges of complex projects. Our personal approach gives us the opportunity to provide services to clients that trust us to spend their money like it was our own.

  • Design & Permitting for Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institutional Projects
  • Surverying & Mapping
  • Site Development Review
  • Preliminary Site Layout
  • Land Planning, Rezoning, Comprehensive Plan Amendments
  • Developments of Regional Impact
  • LEED Project Management
  • Low Impact Design
  • Drainage Conveyance Systems
  • Landscaping & Irrigation Plans
  • Value Engineering Site Design
  • Environmental Services
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Impact Studies
  • Wetland Impact Mitigation
  • Potable Water Treatment & Distribution Systems
  • Reclaimed Water Distribution Systems
  • Wastewater Transmission & Collection Systems
  • Roadway & Intersection Design
  • FDOT Highway Design
  • Bidding Administration
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Design Certifications & Record Drawing Preparation

Beth L. Evans, AICP, LEED AP
Senior Planner

Kriss Y. Kaye, PE, CFM
Senior Engineer / Division Manager